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Big Deuce & Lil Deuce. Like father, like son!

Big Deuce & Lil Deuce. Like father, like son!

  • 20 January, 2023
  • Small Wins Gummies Admin

What’s Up, Candy Fans!

Being Deuce’s father has created so many incredible small (and big) moments that have built such a strong bond between the two of us. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing Deuce smile while we enjoy good times together. Like most kids, he loves his candy (and he is very picky). As a dad, I want to instill habits that promote better overall health for both of us… and I know how sugar negatively affects our brain and body. 

We started Small Wins so we can feel great about what sweets we introduce to our kids, family and friends. Without compromising on taste, our candy is full of flavor, but not excess sugar. All of our products are made with Non-GMO, organic and plant-based ingredients. After working TIRELESSLY through MANY rounds of testing and sampling, we have created a new line of gummy candy that has the taste and texture WE love and are proud of. Small Wins was made for the kid in all of us, and that feels like a win to me. 

Join us for the tip off - the future looks sweet!

Jayson and Deuce 

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