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Small Wins

Get ready for a new way to treat yourself and your family. Small Wins understood the assignment: Make the BEST tasting better-for-you candy on the market for kids AND adults. ‘Cause life is about making it happen without compromise...

After over a year of working on formulas with hundreds of test-batches, loads of taste-testing, plenty of missed shots and real life feedback, we finally have the fantastically delicious candy we set out to create. We hit the jackpot with our mix of bold flavors and textures and can’t wait for the most loyal candy fanatics to try our products - Helping you win the candy game one day at a time.

Why create a better-for-you candy brand made for kids AND adults? Because kids are important, and so are the people chasing them around. With Small Wins unique designs and characters, your mini-me’s will get just as much TLC in the good-eating department as you do. So when anyone says “Must have candy” - Small Wins has you covered. Join us for the tip-off and let the tasting begin.

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